Job Development Center

Increasing skills and helping Veterans become employment-ready is crucial to become active members of the community. Our new expansion will assist 100 Veteran per year, provide training areas, classes, skills assessments, and other tools that will help a Veteran succeed.Through our VET+PREP! program, VTC currently offers assistance with job placement, quarterly job fairs, job skills training, and skills assessment. Upon entering the program, all Veterans are assessed and are provided with an Individualized Service Plan, taking into consideration their specific skill set, interests, and past employment experience. From there, they are provided with assistance in job interview training, resume writing, and job skills classes. Other services provided by VET+PREP! include basic skills and literacy workshops; remedial education and GED assistance; life skills and financial literacy workshops; classroom and vocational workshops; employment uniform and equipment subsidies; specialized and/or certification courses, and other formal training programs deemed appropriate to benefit the Veteran.



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