housing Program

Housing Program

Emergency Housing. Gets Veterans off the streets and keeps them for up to sixty days. One duplex with ten beds funded through the VA Health Care for Homeless Veterans (HCHV). The average bed days over the past year is 249 per month.

Transitional Housing. This allows Veterans and family members to stay for up to two years. This VA Grant Per Diem contract began in 2003 and was expanded in 2007, now totaling fifty-eight beds. There are three VA specific programs as part of this housing program: Bridge, Clinical, and Service Intensive. The average number of bed days for the past year is 274, 384, and 966 per month. VTC has had an occupancy rate of 89 – 97% at any time in the past year.

Permanent Supportive Housing. No end date to the lease. Currently, there are twelve single room occupancy beds in this program. Residents pay through Department of Housing and Urban Development Veterans Assistance for Supportive Housing (HUD-VASH) voucher program, or, if over income, with a very low percentage of income as required by the local housing authority.

If you need assistance with housing, please contact the Veterans Transition Center at (831) 883-8387 or email info@vtcmonterey.org


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