Purpose of the Measure X: Senior and Disabled Transportation Program

The Senior & Disabled Transportation Services Program is part of the Measure X Transportation Safety & Investment Plan. The purpose of this program is to increase transportation services for seniors and persons with disabilities to support their ability to live independently in their homes and communities. As spelled out in the policies and projects of Measure X, the goals of this program are to:

  • · Give seniors more transportation options
  • · Support independent travel by people with disabilities
  • · Provide safer and more reliable senior transportation services


Description of Community Served

The mission of the Veterans Transition Center (VTC) is to empower Veterans to move from crisis to self-sufficiency. VTC is a 501c3 non-profit, which has been on the north end of the Ft Ord complex since 1998. VTC has a staff of twenty that provides housing and wrap-around services to homeless Veterans and their families. Services include housing (emergency, transitional, permanent), case management, food, life skills, substance abuse counseling, employment training, benefit and medical referrals, and –thanks to Measure X—transportation.

VTC has a baseline population of 100 residents. This includes Veterans enrolled in programs with the Departments of Veteran Affairs (VA) and Housing and Urban Development (HUD), as well as their dependents. For the past year, the typical breakdown of our population is 30% elderly and 60% disabled. These groups overlap and often vary due to the transient nature with our six housing programs. As well, we have a staff of twenty, which includes 15% elderly and 35% disabled. Altogether then, the Measure X group currently served by VTC is approximately 70 individuals.

Transportation has long been a limiting factor for VTC. Physically, we are spread across three locations: housing, headquarters, and storage warehouses. These sites are separated by half a mile and require routine movement among our residents and staff. Residents also have regular appointments across the Monterey County area, including benefit counseling, medical appointments, Veteran services, legal services, and county health services.

Measure X has had a significant impact on our operations. With this grant, VTC has been able to expand outreach to Veterans in crisis, provide transportation for current residents, conduct follow up wellness checks for graduates, and serve all routine transportation needs for our elderly and disabled veterans population.

Numbers Served

Vehicle Miles Trips Elderly carried Disabled carried
GMC Terrain 1 16,943 480 400 324
GMC Terrain 2 15,351 462 168 156
GMC Terrain 3 11,689 240 24 276
Ford CMax Hybrid 8,421 216 36 36
Ford World Transport 1,784 138 108 72
Totals 54,188 1,536 736 864


The automobiles primarily support our case management program, which serves residents for routine local service needs such as hospital visits, medical appointments, and legal appointments.

The bus serves community transportation needs in two areas:
• Special events, such as group trips to local activities
• Driver program, which has scheduled routes to local government service organizations, as well as on-call transportation for elderly and disabled veterans whose needs are not meet by other means.

Major Supporters